Aaron Manzo


               Aaron, a New Jersey native, is an expressive, passionate performer hailing from the shore specializing in a wide catalogue of rock spanning the past 50 years!

                A rising artist in the area, Aaron began his musical experience by first playing bass and sharing lead vocal duties with his first band, Rally Cap. “Bass is my first love” he declares. In addition to being a sharp bassist, Aaron has been singing all his life. Never one to shy away from dramatics, Aaron enjoys playing the lead vocal role, he truly takes pride in his opportunities to entertain an audience, whether that be through his music, or through a captivating, yet raw onstage approach.

                While Rally Cap would not last long, Aaron continued to grow his musical knowledge. He would soon take up acoustic guitar and begin seriously writing music. Acoustic guitar is the instrumental preference for Aaron today due to its unique ability to amplify, as well as the natural tone. As an avid writer Aaron has played acoustic and sang with several original groups, most recently releasing The Whole Thing. with the band of the same name in 2018. Aaron frequently plays acoustic shows showcasing his originals and his wide array of rock cover tunes.

                Aaron’s extensive catalogue is a product of a vast group of musical influences from all over the rock spectrum, and even beyond that too! His influences include: The Doors, Pearl Jam, Faith No More, Prince, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Who, Guns N Roses, Victor Wooten, The Cure, Megadeth, and so many more! Said catalogue covers the classic rock of the 60’s and 70’s, the transition/alternative period of the 80’s, the grunge and anthems of the 90’s and 00’s, and even a healthy dose of modern-day flare.

                Although fairly young, Aaron is a veteran of the music scene. Thanks to the Jersey Shore being a haven for talent he has had the privilege to frequently share the stage with notable local acts such as, Taylor Tote, Moroccan Sheepherders and Guilty Pleasure. Additionally, Aaron has been fortunate enough to play with nationally acclaimed acts such as David Bryan, Matt O’Ree, and Sam Sims. He has shared the spotlight on grand stages across the nation.

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Team members

Deisy Aguilar - General Manager

Lou D'A'lotto - Singer, guitarist

Anthony Flora - Drummer

Aaron Manzo - Lead  singer, guitarist, bass guitarist, song-writer

Kyle Ward - Singer, guitarist